There are a lot of truths and misconceptions about Association Management Companies (AMC). Deciding which association management company to choose could mean the difference between being a good nonprofit and a great one. The fit is critical and the time spent on the selection process invaluable.

Download the White Paper here >> (PDF)

Association Options, LLC has developed a white paper to speak to:

  • Types of Association Management Companies
  • How Association Management Companies Charge for Their Services
  • What is the Best Association Management Fee Model?
  • Why Use Association Options, LLC?
  • The Bottom Line

To read all about these important topics, please download the pdf on tis page for more information.

We’ve had a lot of practice when it comes to Association Management.

To help you better understand how we can assist with your Association or Organization’s needs, we’ve pulled together a few of our most useful documents.

Download and take a  look; if you have an questions, contact us anytime.

Be Creative.
Stand apart from the rest.

Have you ever had a crazy idea? Ever want to have fun at a event or fundraiser?

Maybe even just professional-looking portraits of the staff?

We’re here to help. We’ve worked on corporate photo shoots; non-profit, celebrity events; as well as video productions as simple as YouTube -content, all the way up to documentaries and feature-length musicals. If you want to add a professional, creative edge to your organization – we want to help make that happen.

Contact Tim Davis for more information.

aps-software-developmentBe Unique.
Give your members a reason to pay attention to you. With mobile apps.

By using the latest in mobile Apps and Web designs, we make it easier than ever for your members to stay current and involved in your Association or Non-Profit.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a clean, efficient, and thoughtful internet portal. We work with you to ensure that your site and web-content seamlessly and intuitively inform and intrigue.

The Right Plan, Requires the Right People. Talk To Us.

Strategic Planning for Non Profits is a unique process for each non-profit organization. We have facilitated strategic plans for many nonprofits. Association Options offers:

  • Facilitating right to the heart of the strategic planning process
  • One day and a half planning is all that is required
  • Research is done prior to the strategic planning session
  • Engaging for all participants in strategic plan goal setting
  • Strategic Plan written & delivered within one week of the session
  • Cost effective with exceptional value
  • Unique business plan with a strategic focus for YOUR non-profit organization, not a template with your organization’s name


Business with Strategic Focus

1 + 1/2 Quick Turn Around

No Group Hugs


The need to conduct an executive search for a new executive director or chief staff officer is never planned and often occurs due to performance or retirement/new opportunities.  Association Options’ executive recruitment serve takes the burden away from the board in managing the process and allows it to concentrate on hiring the right candidate.  The following is our commitment to you:

Initiate the executive recruitment search process through our trained experts (executive recruitment)

Work with the board on the attributes of the candidate (fit is as important as qualifications)

Develop a job description that accurately captures the ideal candidate (dive deep into the needs of the position)

Utilize Association Options own network of potential candidates to weed out unqualified talent (list of local and regional resources are used)

Solicit resumes and work with our own pool of candidates to indentify a set of professionals that meet the job descriptions needs

Work to identify Certified Association Executive candidates if that is a designation desired by your organization (recommended)

Manage all interviews (both live and via phone)

Customize a “day in the office” to provide a good perspective on the candidate over a half-day session (highly recommended)

Summarize all candidates and provide a thorough and unbiased review process

We guarantee the candidate or we conduct another search for no additional fee (100% satisfaction guaranteed)

Mission Drift:  
Does it always seem like the board is veering off course or forgetting the mission set by the organization?  It happens quite often.  What we do is help with course corrections and a framework for the board of directors to continue on its mission path.

Governing Documents:  
As a board member, have you seen your articles of incorporation?  Have a working knowledge of the policies and bylaws?  We provide an orientation program that speaks to the roles of the board member, the board and its legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

Board Orientation:  
As we noted earlier, we provide a focused session with the board around its legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the board.  We also review the roles of staff and the board, which makes for a much better working relationship.

As a board, do you understand your authority and the powers vested in you as a board and a board member?  We clearly attack these issues and bring this information to light.

One-on-one Sessions:  
We serve as an independent “ear” to the board president and also a coach to help him or her through their year as president.  Even if you have a paid executive director, we work hand-in-hand with your executive director and not only provide guidance and counsel to the board president or other leader on the board of directors, we provide that same service to the executive director.

Executive Director Coaching:  
An essential service that we provide is coaching for your association or nonprofit executive director.  The following are reasons why you should consider executive director coaching:

New Executive Director:  
The executive director does not have many years of experience leading organizations but has excellent potential.

Industry Executive Director:  
Hired from the association or nonprofit’s industry or profession but needs to develop the skills and expertise as a nonprofit/association executive director.

Deputy Executive Director:  
You have a capable number two in your organization that you just promoted but they are still green in certain areas.  WE can help work with your executive director to build and hone missing skills through an assessment profile we conduct.

Transitional ED:  
Your organization is still in the process of hiring an executive director and needs an interim executive director.  We step in to ensure that the organization is following its bylaws, its policies and adhering to all state and local laws while serving as interim executive director.

  • It should be an honor and pleasant experience to serve on the board of directors
  • When the non-profit organization’s mission is clear, and each director has a passion to excel, things can be accomplished.