Wasting Hours on Minutes

time wasteed board meetings

By Bob Harris, CAE The directors griped, “We start the meeting with the first order of business being approval of the previous minutes.  An hour is wasted talking about what we did at the last meeting and whether the information is accurate.” Losing the first hour of a board meeting is deflating.  The directors arrive…

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The Case for Annual Board Orientation

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By Bill Pawlucy, CAE and Bob Harris, CAE Click Here – Board Orientation Powerpoint Final Imagine starting a new job with a gamut of responsibilities and there is no orientation or manual.  Volunteers accept a role but may not understand their duties as trustees and a fiduciaries on behalf of the membership. The best relationship…

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Freedom to Associate – July 4 – Independence Day

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Freedom to Associate, as defined by Wikipedia, encompasses both an individual’s right to join or leave groups voluntarily, the right of the group to take collective action to pursue the interests of its members, and the right of an association to accept or decline membership based on certain criteria. Very few countries have the public policies similar to those that support a network of…

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