Wrong People at the Planning Retreat

stragic planning

By Bob Harris, CAE Association planning retreats are convened every few years.   They represent a significant investment in people’s time and meeting costs.    Attendees are asked to create a 3 to 5-year roadmap. The results should best position the organization and communicate value to members.  During the process, volunteers and staff will take deep dives…

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Back the Strategic Plan with Resources


Bob Harris, CAE and Leonard Toenjes, CAE There is a saying, “Put your money where your mouth is.”  It means if you have an idea or plan, it should be supported by resources.  Without aligning resources any plan is unlikely to succeed.  In associations, resources include time, finances, committees, leaders, and staff. Roadmap A strategic…

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Written by Bob Harris, CAE and William Pawlucy, CAE   Click Here to View or Download the Full PDF   After a devastating weather event neighbors emerge in shock, asking “are you okay?”    Recovery starts fast.  You hear the chainsaws clearing driveways and streets.  Piles of rubble begin to line sidewalks.  A weather event…

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Project Management Essentials for Project Success

A project is an activity with a specific goal in mind and a clear beginning and end. Unlike ongoing services and operations, a project will end, ideally, with the accomplishment of the stated goal. Identifying clear goals and establishing a project plan is critical to effective utilization of resources. It is important that the following…

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Maintaining Bold

Written by Bob Harris, CAE BOLD is a word frequently used in news headlines. “We need a bold plan to address guns in schools,” and, “Candidate unveils bold initiatives to curb violence.” Bold can be described as an action or decision that demonstrates an ability to take risks with confidence and courage.   Seldom does…

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Fast Track Strategic Plan Implementation

Written by Bob Harris, CAE Within minutes of adjourning the planning retreat the directors scattered, returning to work after volunteering a day or weekend to create the multi-year strategic plan. Back at the association office staff were playing catch up. There was temptation to put the new document in a file with other older strategic…

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