Heather comes with a wealth of knowledge in the nonprofit sector and has worked for the American Institute of Architect chapters for the past two decades. She also served as director of programs and communications for AIA North Carolina. She has a deep skill set in membership organizations, strategic planning, board development, financial management, and association operations. She has been a growth executive in the organizations she served.

Throughout her career, Heather has shown creativity and a commitment to meaningful results. In 2018, she navigated a collaboration with the University of Utah’s College of Architecture and Planning to open the first student architectural design studio embedded in an AIA office. In addition to her involvement in design and construction of the studio, Heather helped secure nearly $400,000 in contributions and financing for the project.

An avid volunteer herself, Heather also understands the challenges of and for her, that means providing high-quality service, a listening ear, and tools to accomplish an organization’s strategic goals.