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Mission Drift:   Does it always seem like the board is veering off course or forgetting the mission set by the organization?  It happens quite often.  What we do is help with course corrections and a framework for the board of directors to continue on its mission path. Governing Documents:   As a board member,…

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Strategic Planning, Meet Strategic Execution

A strategic plan is only the beginning. Here are the elements you need to move from the drawing board to the dashboard and put your plan into action. Strategic planning is the first step in the execution of an overall plan. The strategic plan establishes a key process approach to begin thinking about the future…

3 Lessons: Continuing Education

For William D. Pawlucy, MPA, IOM, CAE, the Chairman and CEO of Association Options in St. Paul, Minnesota, leadership means constant learning. – Learning never ends. In a five-year period, I was elected president of a state society, earned my master’s degree, and earned my CAE. But I knew I wasn’t done. Today, I’m in…

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William Pawlucy, M.P.A, CAE, IOM , a top nonprofit and association professional and founder of Association Options, has been selected to serve as a member of the prestigious 2012 Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The board provides advice and guidance in selecting recipients for the Baldrige Award – the highest…