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Adjusting Budgets Impacted by Crisis

Written by Bill Pawlucy, CAE and Bob Harris, CAE These are the words of association executives panicked by the pandemic’s financial havoc.   “Our conference is canceled, accounting for a 50 percent loss of revenue; what do we do now?”   “We may lose 25 percent of our members and that will put our finances…

9 Essential Elements of Managing in a Crisis for Nonprofits

What are the things all nonprofits should be doing right now during this crisis? One of the first things is to stay calm. Your members trust and need you! With panic, a freeze sets in. Focus on solutions rather than things your association can’t control. Download the infographic below via the link for the other…

heavy weight

Demonstrate Strength in Uncertain Times

By Bob Harris, CAE and Bill Pawlucy, CAE Now is the time to demonstrate strength, leadership and strategy.   Members expect to hear confidence and solutions from their association. Associations have always been resilient, during wars, recessions and crisis.   Boards and staff should portray a positive, “can-do” attitude. Position chief elected officer and executive director as…

Governance Flashcards

Bob Harris Governance Flashcards Governance is an essential element in every organization. Without good governance, there is an impasse when it comes to strategic planning, directing the work of the professional staff team, budgeting, and providing relevance and value to members. Bob Harris, CAE, has created this set of flash cards to help center organizations…

Project Management Essentials for Project Success

A project is an activity with a specific goal in mind and a clear beginning and end. Unlike ongoing services and operations, a project will end, ideally, with the accomplishment of the stated goal. Identifying clear goals and establishing a project plan is critical to effective utilization of resources. It is important that the following…

Better Governance Kit 2020

Bob Harris, CAE Boards have been known to chase squirrels, hold rump sessions and disregard the strategic plan, rules of order and governing documents. Every board intends to produce results — but distractions and dysfunctions arise. The average size board is 15 persons. Size matters in order to facilitate meaningful conversations. Most meet quarterly. Directors…

10 Things to Start and Stop Doing in 2020

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein. We cannot continue to do what we have done in our nonprofit organizations and expect to provide value and relevance to our members. Competition is greater and unmerciful to weaker organizations. As we move into 2020, what should…

Toolkit: Committee Management

Committee Management Toolkit Bob Harris, CAE “Committees play an integral role in advancing the work of an association. Participation on a committee is a rewarding and an important responsibility. Committee involvement is often the catalyst for other leadership roles.” View or Download Here

Toolkit: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Toolkit Bob Harris, CAE “A strategic plan serves as a roadmap for an organization. ‘Without a plan the board and staff may wander aimlessly from project to project, simply putting out fires.’ The election term or year advances quickly. A plan keeps efforts on track to advance the mission and serve the members.”…

Toolkit: Policy Management

Policy Management Toolkit Bob Harris, CAE “Policies serve many purposes in an association. They represent the wisdom of the board of directors in interpreting the governing documents and identifying the best methods to advance and protect the organization.” Click Here to View or Download 

Association CPR – Commitment, Performance and Results

In an association, CPR may restore life to an under-performing organization. In this case CPR represents a renewal of Commitment, Performance and Results.

Leveraging Data for Better Board Decision Making

The opportunity is to leverage data and performance measures to objectively assess what is working and what is not in your association.