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Plastering the Mission Statement

The mission statement is the purpose or reason for existence. It should frame nearly every discussion, program, action and decision by boards and committees.

Governance Article Compilation – Spring 2019

Bob Harris, CAE Governance is amorphous — without clarity, shape or form. It is open to interpretation by the board, staff and members. Click “View” to view or download the document. Governance Article Compilation – Spring 2019View Note: Bob Harris, CAE, provides free governance tips and templates at He can be contacted at

Advice from Association Past Presidents

We invited a half dozen association past presidents to lunch, asking them to share governance tips with the new board members.

Past President’s Syndrome

What happens to the “past” president of the organization?

Why Should They Volunteer?

According the 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report on Volunteering in the United States, the volunteer rate has been the lowest since 2002.

Who Sits Next to You at the Board Table?

The calibre of directors serving on the board impacts governance and outcomes.

Curbing Mission Creep and Micromanagement

Mission creep and micromanagement are disorders of a board. The symptoms and cures are different. Both create disruption in an organization.

Project Manager or Minute Taker, Does it Really Matter?

How much time, care and preparation do we put into board meetings?

It’s All About the Results?

Performance excellence in a non-profit cannot occur without performance measures.

Chasing Squirrels

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it dozens of times at board meetings: “I just have a question.”

Board and Staff – Dysfunction, Function and Leadership

What does dysfunction look like? How do we fix it?

Directors Wear Many Hats

director walked into the board meeting with an agenda of her own.
She said, “My chapter expects the state board to resolve our
situation.” What
hat was she wearing; a chapter director, a board member? She got on
the board because the bylaws allow for representation from each chapter.