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Association Management Company Search

An Association Management Company’s purpose is to provide all of the functions and services of a professional staff team through a management agreement. With an Association Management Company, your organization does not employ any staff and all services are “contracted” through the AMC. The biggest benefits of the AMC model is access to a vast network or resources, economies of scale, and removing the risk of employing staff. In most AMC models, you will not know the difference between having your own professional staff team and that of the AMC.

As your organization considers the possibilities of moving to an Association Management Company Model, the team at Association Options can help guide you through that process. We have conducted many searches and we know we can help you find the right company. We provide the following services:

  • RFP Development – Development of an RFP including finalizing the draft scope of work
  • Request for Proposal – Initiating the request for proposal process
  • Point – Point person for Association Management Companies (AMC);
  • Comprehensive Review – Review of all proposals received including providing a proprietary tool for ranking by our clients
  • Selection – Guidance in a selection of the top three or four finalists
  • Presentations – Finalist presentations coordination
  • Contract – Contract negotiation advice
  • Transition – Transition advice

Our number one objective is to identify the best fit given the needs of your organization. We do not believe in a “shotgun” approach but believe a search like this deserves a laser-like focus.

Here is what we do for you:

1) Timeline – Work with your organization transition task force in developing a timeline from the request for proposal creation to the transition of the association

2) RFP – Lead the development of the request for proposal with the input of  your organization leadership and current staff (final approval by your organization leadership). Scope of work draft will be provided by your organization and will be updated as necessary for inclusion in RFP

3) RFP Distribution – Based upon pre-established criteria, by your organization leadership, distribute RFP and serve as point-of-contact

4) Point of Contact – Serve as point-of-contact for potential bidders during the entire search process. Association Options will also establish a protocol for question submission and answer distribution

5) Proposal Review – Develop a proposal review scoring chart, along with your organization leadership, to review and grade all proposals received; and participate in the review of proposals

6) Presentations – Provide advice and guidance on the approach to finalist presentations to the Board.  Association Options will also be present during the presentations in order to fully evaluate the top two to three candidates

7) Transition Advice – Association Options will provide your organization with advice around the transition process and best practices during a search committee call when appropriate

We know that selecting the best management option for your organization is important and part of your fiduciary responsibility. Our services help to alleviate the burden of time from conducting this search and allow your board leaders to focus strategically on making the right decision.

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