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CEO/Executive Director Search

Hiring Executive Directors and CEO’s, Association Options’ Executive Recruitment team understands first-hand what skills, attributes and qualifications are required to successfully lead a membership organization. In addition, Association Options is 100% focused in the non-profit sector, offering executive recruitment, strategic planning, governance training, management searches, and governance and management assessments.  This focus allows us to expand and strengthen our networks, knowledge, and connections, as we are uniquely and intimately tied to the non-profit space. Given our focus in the sector, we maintain constant communication with top non-profit executives in the industry.

Whether your organization is looking to hire a skilled non-profit executive, or hire a CEO with experience and expertise within the profession or industry represented by your non-profit, our team can help.

We specialize in national, regional and state-based executive recruitment across professional, trade, and healthcare organizations.


At Association Options’, we understand that every organization, and therefore every search, is unique.  We promise to tailor our approach to meet the needs of your organization while still applying proven recruitment strategies and best practices to our executive recruitment process.

Our team will work with your leadership to identify the desired skills, attributes and qualifications desired in your next executive, and then employ our network of internal and external resources to attract, recruit, and secure top candidates for the position.

We commit to eliminating the administrative burden and stress the search process can often place on your leaders, HR department, and/or staff, so that your Board leadership can concentrate on selecting the best candidate. Our process includes:

  • A comprehensive regional and national salary analysis;
  • Development of a detailed and customized job profile with input from your leaders on desired skills and attributes;
  • Active recruitment within our internal networks, candidate database, and external job Boards selected based upon the unique job profile;
  • Candidate vetting and recommendations based upon resume review, phone screenings, and executive competency findings, with input and engagement from your Board or Search Committee leadership at critical steps throughout the process;
  • Finalist negotiations and offer letter with recommendations for candidate compensation and incentives.

Finally, we commit to finding the best candidate for your next CEO. Unlike traditional recruitment firms, our pricing strategy is not based upon a percentage of the total compensation.  Association Options pricing is based on a flat/fixed fee (plus direct costs for third party job boards, background screenings, and competency tests).  This means that we are not incentivized to simply hire the most expensive candidate, and instead commit to finding the absolute best candidate for your organization’s unique culture, needs and mission.

Please contact Meggan Teague, Vice President of Strategy and Client Success, for your free executive recruitment consultation:

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