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IT Assessments and Optimization

With so many diverse technology systems in place, it can be challenging to know if your nonprofit organization is getting the value you deserve. Association Options can assist your organization by conducting a comprehensive review of your technology solutions, business processes, and contracts to identify under-utilized, oversubscribed or redundant services and processes. An increased understanding of your systems will allow your organization to increase efficiencies, better integrate existing technologies, and potentially lead to significant cost savings by eliminating services your organization does not need.


Technology Selection and Optimization

Purchasing a new system is a critical process that can impact every level of an organization. Association Options will examine your current needs, your existing technology, and current business practices and work flows to build a picture of your needs. Then work with you through the system and vendor selection process to help you identify the best solutions. We will be an unbiased voice at the table as you make those critical decisions for your organization.

Project Management

When it comes to implementing a new system, it can take a significant amount of precious staff time to manage the project. Association Options can assist from the initial project identification to project completion to ensure your project finishes on time and is used to its full potential.

CIO as a Service 

With technology becoming more critical to every nonprofit organization’s fundamental operation, an organization needs a team that understands the current landscape and can bring a strategic direction. Smaller nonprofits often cannot afford to attract and retain a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or staff a technology department. To address this need, Association Options offers multiple solutions to provide your organization with strategic direction, support, and an IT roadmap to keep your nonprofit organization up to speed.

CIO Search 

When a CIO leaves an organization, it can often leave a void that is hard to fill. Many nonprofit organizations have a unique set of technologies that may require a particular skill set to maintain. Association Options will identify the critical skill sets and qualifications needed and assist in identifying and recruiting the right individual for your organization.

Business Process Review 

A critical piece of making efficiency improvements and maximizing the positive impact when integrating a technology solution is understanding the current business practices and procedures. In order to accomplish this, Association Option can assist you by conducting a data-driven review by surveying key stakeholders around their current practices and conducting interviews with those whose workflows are identified to most benefit from the new systems. Association Options will carefully document all our findings and recommendations to enhance your association workflow.

Data Security Review 

Your organization’s data is becoming an increasingly valuable asset in today’s world. Association Options can help you keep that data safe by completing a detailed review of your organization’s current data security and access practices. This review includes detailed recommendations on risk management and controls to ensure that your association’s sensitive data is kept secure. This review will consist of Security Update Practices, Access Control, Revocation of Rights, Backups, Policies, and Procedures.

Custom Technology Services 

Each nonprofit organization is unique. Regardless of your needs, we are here to help. We are happy to discuss your organization’s goals to  build a custom framework that provides desired features, functionalities, efficiency, compliance and security for peace of mind and easy day to day processes.

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