Accreditation: What It Means

By Judith A. Hale, PhD, CPT, CACP, CDT, ibstpi Fellow   An accreditation is a credential, a mark of excellence, that is given to organizations, programs, and products that meet standards.  For comparison, certifications are given to people who can demonstrate they know or can do something to standard.  In both cases, the standards must…

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Extending the Life of Committees

By Bob Harris, CAE “Committees begin the year with enthusiasm. They receive assignments from the board and authority from the bylaws. An orientation and policies point them in the right direction. Volunteer groups supplement the work of the board, vet ideas, engage members, and develop future leaders. They can tackle tough issues, create new programs…

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Governance Efficiencies

By Bob Harris, CAE “In a regional webinar on good governance the chief elected president said, ‘Bob taught us these practices years ago.  We adopted them and now have a more efficient board.’   When meeting with boards I ask how the governance routines came about. The common answer, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’…

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Why Rules of Order Should Guide and Not Rule

Rules of order are essential to any governing body. They give structure and guidance where other governing documents may fall short. That does not mean we should put them on a pedestal and reference them for every action taken. Nor should they be referenced every time a motion needs to be made or hinder forward…

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Board Orientation Workbook

By Bob Harris, CAE “An association or chamber needs a dedicated group of leaders working together to advance a cause or mission. Nonprofit organizations have served the USA for more than 150 years. With 1.5 million nonprofit, exempt organizations, the common traits are the purpose of advancing a mission and volunteer leadership team. Good governance…

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Governance and Management Life Cycle

board meeting

Two board members walk out of the association’s planning session. One of them says, “Great session but who’s going to do the work?” The other board member offers, “I don’t really know but those cookies were amazing!” Too often there is no good understanding and closure around the roles of governance and management after a…

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How Your Board Can Make Lemonade Out of Pandemic Lemons


By Bob Harris, CAE “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” is a phrase used to promote a positive attitude during adversity. The lemons represent the sourness or difficulties. Making lemonade is turning them into something positive or desirable. Many executives are making lasting improvements during the pandemic adversity. A discussion I recently had with…

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Leadership, Governance, and Pandemic Recovery Book Review

jesus kiteque  unsplash

Written by: Bob Harris, CAE Reviewed by: William D. Pawlucy, CAE, MPA, IOM The new board guide for the summer and remainder of 2020 is titled Leadership, Governance, and Pandemic Recovery.  It is 40-pages, free, offering guidance and hope for economic rebound with innovative ideas on how to reimagine the board room.   To address the…

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Firing a Volunteer

putting out fires

  Volunteering is a part of America’s culture.   People step forward to help advance a cause or community. There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit, exempt organizations in the US.   Each has a board of directors and committee structure composed of volunteers.   While every person intends to add value, there are some behaviors that should…

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