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Why Use Association Options?

We are your advocate.

We will work to secure the right association management company for your organization.

Bill Pawlucy, M.P.A., CAE, IOM has more than 14 years of experience with association management companies and will work corroboratively to ensure a good fit while maximizing the negotiation process.

There are more than 800 association management companies, does the board leadership want to wade through 50 proposals and manage the entire process? Most boards will work with Association Options so they can maintain a strategic focus

A mistake selecting the wrong association management company will cost a $2MM budget association roughly an additional $200k

Using Association Options, a 5-15% savings in fees and extras can be saved during the process (i.e. on a three- year contract at $500k per year, that is a savings of between $75k – $225,000). We will make every effort to ensure that there is a fair agreement between both the association/nonprofit and the association management company

The Bottom Line

  • There are many variables to manage and to identify to ensure not only fit but a long-term mutually beneficial relationship
  • The board can maintain a strategic focus on the search while Association Options maintains a focus on hiring the best association management company for our client (in many instances it will be a specific association management company fit for each association/nonprofit)
  • The board can be confident that Association Options has performed a thorough scope of work analysis and the proposals received are fully in line with the needs of the association
  •  Association Options can provide a high-level of confidence that a thorough background check on references has been conducted
  •  Association Options will interview all the associations that have left the association management company
  •  Association Options will fully vet each association management company with its own rating and management tools
  • Association Options will ensure that the contract is charging the right fee and not a penny more so that the additional revenue dollars flow directly to the association’s bottom line
  • We are your advocate and will represent the association from the beginning of the process to the end and even during the relationship when the association management fee and scope of work are being discussed.